7 Tips To Make Housework Easier, Quicker And Better

According to test results from SGS, the Alpha UV(S9) sterilization system effectively kills 99.99% of five kinds of bacteria and cleans significantly deeper than traditional manual cleaning. “We added the safe, leak-proof UV sterilization design to Alpha UV(S9)because it helps to keep the whole family safe from bacterial health threats, dust mite allergy and skin irritation. It’s extremely important to keep everyday living spaces clean and safe.” said Mr. Tommy Zhang, GM of VIOMI Overseas Market Division.

Stop the mess before it starts
When it comes to keeping home clean and tidy, many people are still unaware about the consequences of the wrong cleaning habits. Vacuuming, dusting and mopping is a common household activity that everyone does each day, but without a good routine, even the best effort can’t help keep your home clean. To achieve a high-quality and hassle-free cleaning, you need to focus on proper maintenance and a proper cleaning schedule. Here are some tips to keep house work easy and stress-free: Start with a good cleaning routine The first step is to understand the cleaning-related tasks that you need to do for the house. Determine the location of all the important places like the kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, family room and the nursery and how these places are usually used.

Give your hands a break
The new Self Cleaning Tool (SCAT) is also featured in the new Viomi Alpha UV(S9) machines. Designed to provide users with a convenient alternative for self-cleaning, the battery-powered SCAT moves up and down the toilet, removing waste clogs, rusted blades and unwanted hair from the bowl in just a few minutes. It is smart too; once a month or after every use, the SCAT automatically turns itself off to save power. The long-awaited Self-Sealing Water Bottle Alpha UV(S9) is also equipped with the UV AquaMist™ from Caudalie. The UV AquaMist offers a gentle yet powerful solution for all sorts of health and cleaning needs – from daily use in the shower to automated periodic UV germicidal disinfection in the bathroom.

Ditch the chemicals
Using basic cleaning products can cause dangerous side effects to your family’s health and the environment. As an industry leader in the domestic and international sterilization market, VIOMI has successfully integrated advanced UV technology into its sterilization products to create a healthier, safer living environment. What’s more? The UVC (Ultra Violet) range of UV sterilization is far more effective than traditional chemical-based cleaning. It is a powerful tool to eliminate the transfer of potentially hazardous microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, spores, and allergens from surfaces to your skin and eyes. VIOMI’s newly launched range of home appliance sanitizers include: UV AirScrub for hard floors and furniture. UV Heating Blaster for both hard and soft surfaces.

Maintain a healthy home without harsh chemicals
According to the study conducted by Wieck, the number of mold spores were 50 to 100 times higher than indoor allergens, such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, dust mite feces, and others. Keeping a clean and comfortable home is a key factor in keeping the family healthy, and a large part of achieving this goal is eliminating harmful bacteria that can be found in dust, soil and other substances in and around the home. Allergy sufferers that are sensitive to certain substances can experience severe adverse reactions to dust and mold spores. This is why modern consumers are looking for an innovative solution to the problem of preventing mold growth and keeping homes clean and dry.

Consider natural alternatives to chemical cleaners
Other than using non-toxic cleaning products, you can also look for natural products that are safe to use around children and pets. “Both organic and conventional cleaners can be harmful for our family members. Natural and chemical-free cleaning products often leave an unpleasant smell and may cause allergy problems. Choosing them is an option for people with very sensitive skin,” said Alyssa Li, COO of VIOMI USA.

Set up a schedule for deep cleaning
To make sure the whole family knows when they should clean their home, a simple reminder app called Spot Buddy is available for Apple devices in the App Store. It shows all of the designated areas for each member of the family, including time and expected tasks. Each week, just plug the phone into a wall socket and it will light up and vibrate a bell as soon as cleaning time begins and stop once work is complete. Helpful cleaning time management ideas You can set up chores to be done on certain days during the week: “Iron my shirt on Monday.” “Pick up the dog’s poo from the backyard.” “Unplug all the electronics and put away all the cords.” Everyone knows that every Monday will be reserved for ironing.

Compost, recycle and reuse
The Alpha UV(S9) uses a patented moisture-activated technology to kill microbes and mould without needing water. “With the death of 10 million people a year from microbial and mold infections in China, we need reliable sterilization solutions. We are proud that our innovative product Alpha UV(S9) will help eliminate the daily home health threats.” Mr. Zhang concluded.

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