Benefits Of Bringing The Internet Of Things Into Your Home

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators. These are primarily objects found in homes and businesses which are connected to the internet.

The benefits of putting IoT into your home are endless. You can monitor everything from your pets to making sure nobody is breaking into your home while you’re away. You can also monitor how much energy you’re using in your house – this is really important because it’s time to start saving the environment!

What is IoT?

Internet of Things is a network of “smart” or connected “things” – ranging from smart homes to smart offices, consumer electronics, wearable devices, smart transportation and more. Think of the web as the road system – the web allows your smart devices to access the internet to perform a variety of tasks. The analogy is, your smart devices are the cars on the internet that your home runs on, that go from place to place to place. It’s like having cars that travel from one place to the other – but now imagine that your cars are filled with many more cars. Now you have a better analogy.

How IoT works in the home:

IoT allows for objects to interact with each other. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows for objects to interact with each other by sharing and exchanging data.

How to use IoT

If you think that using IoT for this purpose sounds complicated, think again! It’s actually really easy. For example, there are apps that can control a lot of the things that I mentioned above. There are even apps that will report the temperature of your home in different parts. These things can be so beneficial. For example, it can mean that you can save money if you are using smart thermostats, but not making any changes to it in case it costs you more money later on.

Imagine a world where everything is connected and nobody needs to know where things are placed or the technology that makes it work. But what are the chances that this will happen in a world where money is flowing as freely as it does today?

Statistically, the IoT is an investment that’s worth it.

Benefits of using IoT

Easy installation – Your smart home devices need a small battery to operate. However, there’s nothing stopping you putting an inexpensive IoT device like a motion detector (which can detect motion and then send you a message if there’s any movement within range) on the outside of your house. The extra battery on the outside of your home isn’t going to be connected to anything which is a part of your energy usage, which means you can remove it when you’re not using it and still save money!

Easy to add to – As well as motion detectors there are many other ways you can add IoT devices to your house. You can connect a smart thermostat to your central heating, put in a motion detector in your garden, or even put in a low energy LED light outside to reduce the amount of energy you’re using.

Saving the environment

With IoT in your home, it’s easier to track exactly how much energy you use, which will be made even easier by the government’s Energy Saving Trust.

Tracking energy use is not something you’ll necessarily want to do when you’ve only just got rid of your central heating, so this is a great way to be proactive about saving energy and money.

Internet of things also opens the door to helping you become more eco-friendly – which is something that everybody can benefit from.

Connected cleaning devices

Most people do not have enough time to clean a lot of their homes. They simply don’t have the time to thoroughly clean every room each week and often miss many spots on their walls and floors. There are a few things you can do to improve your home cleaning efforts.

Home monitoring

The most interesting use for home monitoring is home automation. The trend of home automation is on the rise and with it comes the benefits of home monitoring.

Your home is a lot like your car – you own it. Why shouldn’t you have the ability to monitor it, remotely, whenever you want?

Home monitoring

There are a couple of ways you can go about setting up a home monitoring system. You can do it all yourself or you can go through a professional monitoring company.

If you go the route of hiring a company you’ll have the best of both worlds – privacy from your family and convenience from your home. You’ll have the option of choosing from a variety of apps and systems that you can use in your home to monitor things.

Workplace monitoring

Workplace monitoring is another big benefit of IoT. This is essentially tracking of employees or visitors in the office. Using video cameras, your company can see every move of every person in the office, not to mention there is a good chance you’ll see a few things you hadn’t noticed before.

For example, did you know that often times the toilet is left open or underused? It can be an easy and embarrassing mistake to make but it adds up over time.

In-home monitoring

Home monitoring is another benefit of IoT. You can monitor your home from the comfort of your sofa and it is particularly useful for those with limited mobility. You can also check your home security camera’s to see if there are any break-ins happening when you’re away from home.

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With these methods, you should see a great improvement in the performance of your smart home by the end of the year! Be sure to read my other articles where I go over some of the other main differences between different smart home ecosystems.

What are your favorite tips to make your smart home setup a success? Please leave a comment and share your tips with the rest of us!

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