Best Vape Tanks To Buy in the UK 2020

With the availability of a wide variety of vape atomizers in the UK on the market, it becomes difficult to filter through all these options and get the best vape tank. So, we’re here to bring you to get the highest performing and best vape tank UK designed with cutting-edge technology. We bring you the vape tanks that are tremendously sophisticated work of technology and experience. Consider Zeus sub-ohm tanks that serve as the chief part in any vaper. When it comes to buying a tank, the affordability, resistance as well as capacity matters. Vapers are pre-built as well as custom coil builds depending on the choice of your preferred offers. As far as resistance is concerned, the lower resistance level causes more vapor and a higher resistance level is suitable for those who prefer more contained vaping. Airflow also affects your experience while vaping. Some people prefer low airflow for an experience like smoking, while others prefer maximum airflow. Considering all the essential factors contributing to vaping experience, we bring you the best sub-ohm tank for UK.

How to Choose the Best Tank in the UK?

Vape Tank with Pre-Built Coil System

The Zeus sub-ohm tank comes with a great design and a pre-built coil system to be replaced easily. The advanced features used are to improve flavor and vapor production and a fantastic and exquisite experience. It measures at 26mm by 42.5 mm and comes with a streamlined appearance even with 5ml silica bubble glass. The leak-proof flow and convenient filling add to the perfection of the Zeus sub-ohm tank. The tank is capable of holding 5ml having the larger bubble glass whereas, if the glass is smaller, it can become 3.5ml.

Flavorful and Good All-Round Vaping Experience

Being an excellent sub-ohm tank on the market, the Zeus sub-ohm atomizer is built to give a brilliant flavor regardless of which coil you use. If flavor and fun is your thing, this tank is the right option to choose. With long-lasting mesh coils, it lasts around 12 days between charges. It’s an extremely great flavor, massive vapor production, long life of coils as well as easily changeable coils are enough to satisfy your needs of an amazing vaping experience. Thanks to recent advancements that enable you to taste every note in a great way.

Nice Airflow and Easy to Fill

Geekvape Zeus Sub Ohm Tank is intended to give out a nice and adjustable airflow with the replaceable coil working to maintain the structure of top airflow design and ensures an easier installation. The airflow is designed nicely to pass through the coil structure most finely. Similarly, filling a Zeus sub-ohm tank has been made a breeze. You just have to open the top cap in the anticlockwise direction such that it is a ¼ turn and it gets removed. There will be two ample filling ports and spilling a little e-juice will be easily accepted. Lastly, you’ll have to bring the top cap back in position. Here are the detailed Geekvape Zeus Sub Ohm Tank Review in the UK.

Q&A of the Best Vape Tank in the UK

  1. What Are The Best Sub Ohm Tanks To Buy in the UK?

If you are looking for cutting-edge performance from a sub-ohm vape tank, the Geekvape Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank will fit the bill. It follows on from the incredible Geekvape RTA line of tanks. It looks solid and great on most vape mods on the market. The flavor and vapor are very satisfying.

  1. What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Sub Ohm vaping is usually referred to as DTL (direct to lung) vaping. You should inhale more deeply straight into your lungs. It delivers a much looser inhale, and the sub-ohm vape atomizer produces a significant amount more vapor and intenser flavor. The best sub-ohm vaping tank often brings you more clouds with a smooth throat hit.

  1. What is the Best Type E-liquid for Sub-Ohm Vaping Tank?

Sub-ohm vaping is best suited to vape juice that has at least 65VG. In my opinion, 70VG/30PG and 80VG/20PG are the best ratios of e-liquid for the sub-ohm vape tank in the UK. The high VG help to provide a milder throat hit.

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