Feelm Tech Giveaway Vape Pod Unboxing

Feelm Tech New Pod System Review

Recently, I’ve come to know a “giveaway” event launched by FEELM Tech on Facebook. For me, it only takes a few steps to meet the requirements and then I have a chance to got a new pod. What a great deal! So, I followed the instructions and waited for the response. And lucky as I am, I became the winner and received my pod very soon. Thanks Feelm for giving me the chance to experience the new vaping technology! And I would very much like to share the details of the pod and its great user experience.

The whole package is about a black box with “FOR NEXT POD” on the cover. Very simple and neat. Open the box, we’ve got an e-cigarette device, a charge cable, and five flavor packs. Here I’ve got one strawberry and one menthol, one tobacco and two berry flavor packs, with its nicotine level of 20mg/ml.

Now let’s take a look at the device itself. It actually adopts the prefilled pod system and it’s designed to be very light and compact. The flavor pack is connected on the top of the device by magnet and its charger port opens at the bottom. On the front, we’ve got a drop-shape light that will flash when taking a draw.

The flavor pod is the core of its product. Inside the pod, I can see the so-called “ceramic conductor” that vaporizes the e-juice (It’s just too tiny to show the details so I give you the picture on the official website). As introduced, the conductor is embedded with metal film and ensures instant vapor production. And that’s true. It does give me a good user experience.

When drawing, the cloud hits very smooth and silent. No pop noise at all like JUUL does. And it creates a decent amount of cloud. To my satisfaction, there is no leaking of juice is found when using. I am especially content with its menthol and fruit flavor. It tastes pretty natural and fresh. I will give it a 5-star rating and recommend to those who are fond of fruit flavor. In terms of the battery, it surprisingly lasts for a long time. It worked all day long when I brought it out. I must say Feelm does a great job on its product. But it’s a pity that it is only the tester and cannot be refilled. What’s more, Feelm’s e-cigarette and e-juice are not available on the market. Personally, I hope it can launch its own product. But right now, I may do further research and see if I can find a perfect replacement for it.