Odin Mini- The Best RTA Device

Odin Mini- The Best RTA for Flavor

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, RTAs as they are popularly called, are becoming more common in the vaping world for some reasons that are easy to understand. RTAs provide a perfect combination of customizability and nice flavours of an RDA with a reliable tank’s convenience. Another good reason that makes RTAs best choice for different categories of vapers is the ease of use. It doesn’t require learning before use.

RTAs provide multiple options and styles for vapers to choose according to their custom needs and preferences. They multiple includes single coil RTAs, dual coil RTAs, and MTL RTAs. While some are good options for huge clouds, they are also perfect options for flavour chasers as they are made with nice flavours.

RTAs provides many advantages for vapers. Improved flavour, customizations, and cost-effectiveness are several reasons why many vapers prefer the vape device.

Recently, there is a massive release of RTAs in the market, making it more challenging for vapers to select the best quality RTA to satisfy their flavour cravings. This one major reason is why this article focuses on a specific premium RTA mods that will provide you the best vaping experience. This selection is based on quality, flavour, ease of use, and cloud production. If what you desire is the RTA that will satisfy your flavour desires, this guide is a perfect help.

ODIN Mini Box Mod

The UK ODIN Mini Box mod is built to satisfy your flavour cravings to the fullest. Specially built for flavour chasers, the ODIN Mini has an endless list of amazing features that serve others’ advantages. The device is powered by a single 21700 battery, enabling a long-lasting vaping, 1-75W range output, and a top-quality chipset to deliver the very best performance.

The ODIN Mini offers a variety of modes. It can operate in wattage mode, as it delivers top performance in temperature control and TCR mode for best performance for veteran users with titanium, nickel, and stainless steel wire compatibility. It also uses a single battery in the aluminum alloy chassis, installed through the bottom-hinged door. This function enables the ODIN Mini to withstand light to temperate falls and drops easily.

The ODIN Mini is built in a unique dimension of 90.5mm x 36.3mm x 32mm, features single High-Amp 21700 batteries, with a Temperature Control Range of 200-600/93-316; it operates in wattage mode, VV mode, TC mode, and TCR mode. The device also features a replay mode.

Some special features of the Odin Mini also include Reverse Polarity Protection, Atomizer Protection, and Overheat Protection. The Intuitive firing button, two adjustment buttons, 0.96 inches colour screen, bottom-hinged battery cover, micro USB Port, Threaded 510 connection is the incredible features that make the device a perfect choice for vapers of different category.


The ODIN Mini Box Mod kit contains The ODIN Mini Box mod, MicroUSB Cable, Spare Battery Wraps, User Manual, Battery Warning Card, Social Warning Card, Warranty Card, QC Certificate, Proper User Guidance, and an Instructional Manual. This device is manufactured in various beautiful colors and styles to suit users’ tastes and preferences. They include Brushed Black, Black Red, Brushed Gunmetal, and Brushed Silver.


  1. Which is Better – RTA, RDA or RDTA?

    Personally, I prefer RTA because the tanks can be filled whereas the RDA’s need e-liquid to be dripped onto the coil regularly.

  2. How Long do RTA coils Last?

    RTA coil lifes is dependent on the type of e-juice and your vaping time.

  3. What does RTA stand For in Vaping?

    The RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.

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