Top 4 Best Vape Starter Kit in the UK

SMOK Vape Starter Kit

Smoko vape starter kit is for those who are beginner vapers and love to try something optimal and have high efficiency. This is amazingly effective and of superior quality. What makes this so perfect is the fact that you don’t have to do anything after opening the box, as you just have to open charge and do your thing. If you are worried about flavors, then let us tell you that cigar, tobacco, and menthol are the flavors found best for people who are making the switch from smoking to vaping. You don’t have to refill it pre-filled tank.

Apollo Brez

Apollo Brez vaping kit another marvelous invention for beginner vapors, and if you are switching from smoking to vaping, then this is the best you could ask for. There are five pre-filled salt nic pods included in this kit, and these can go for weeks without having the need to get it refilled. It is slim, making it easier to carry with a dimension of 104.6 x 16.2 x 8.2 mm. Moreover, the flavors used in it are the best, and you would love them. It comes with a 320 mAh battery making it last longer. This is an excellent pick for people who want to stay away from smoking.

Smok Novo Review

This is another battery-powered vape pod for a slim and compact design and for people who love to have small pod-style devices with a battery that won’t deceive them in the middle of the vaping session. Smok Novo has released the method of the same fashion as it brings a certain level of portability, required by the people who love to vape. Each pod of Smok Novo has 2ml of e-liquid, and it has an alternative for pod-style device users who love to vape with any e-liquid. Read the full review of SMOK Novo in the UK.

JAC Vapour VIM

Jac Vapour VIM AIO is the product that is highly appreciated by the people who want to have a device that is super easy to use. It has all in one kit, which offers the best package for people who are about to make a switch from smoking to vaping. You can use the pre-filled pods which come with the kit, or you can refill the supplied tank a vape your way to fun. It has a 2600mAh battery for more prolonged usage.

Hopefully, now you can make an informed decision about your vape starter kit.


  1. How much does a starter kit cost?

The regular vaping starter kits on the markets will cost you 20 – 40 pounds and should give you a life expectancy of more than 6 months, depending on how well you take care of your kit.

  1. What comes in a starter kit?

It include all the components you need for vaping. A starter kit contain a box mod, a tank, coils and other replacement parts; or a device and pods. To get vaping, all you need to add is vape juice and battery (if it uses an external battery).

  1. Where is the best place to buy vape vape starter kit online in the UK?

NewVaping is the leading vape kit supplier in the UK. They offer free domestic shipping on any orders over 45 pounds, and process most orders on the same working day of you placing them.

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